Tuesday, January 29, 2008

vroom vroom!

tomorrow, we get our very first car, courtesy of NAB's mum.

whilst i'm a bit kan cheong because i have not driven for a few years and never in this country, i am also looking forward to being able to take the boy out to places besides the town centre and not be restricted by the fact that i can't take him out in the pram by myself if i have to use the train. (blame it on the fact that the space between the platform and the train is far too wide!)

oh, and about something else unrelated, i took my tongue piercing out. might still put it back in, but it is looking quite unlikely...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sick boy

Dad i am so ill!, originally uploaded by taekwon-dodo.

this poor little fella has been ill since sunday, and sunday night was probably the worst night ever in terms of dealing with baby. he sreamed and cried (and threw up as a result) most of the night.

but the funny thing was that our neighbours had a new lodger and it was his first night - and we think he's the guy who when parking his car on our street, failed to check before reversing and nearly backed into us at high speed. the angry me wanted to "kanninabei!" and "chowchee" him jiaklat jiaklat, but it came out in a milder version instead because i am trying not to swear in front of the baby... - so it was a great welcome "gift" for him!

anyway, the boy is still snotty and teary, and has lost a bit of weight. but after taking all his measurements, the midwife today (at his 8 months check) assured me that we have a very "proportionate" baby. hahaha!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

haircut - stage 1

haircut - stage 1, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

The boy's fringe has got so long that it was getting into his eyes.

I managed to cut a bit of it off this morning, before he started wriggling too much. At least now he looks less like a girl!

(oh, and he started clapping with both hands all by himself this morn!)