Monday, February 25, 2008

i feel like such a bad mummy today.

first, i woke my son up by taking him out of his pram where he'd earlier just fallen asleep in, and then put him into a cold cot-bed in a cold cold room. and the worse thing was when i attempted "Controlled Crying". i wasn't going to give up or give in. But after 45mins, i decided that it was enough...

so, besides feeling like i'm a bad mummy, i also feel a bit of a failure where this is concerned.

sigh... tomorrow i will try again.

Friday, February 22, 2008

YEEESSSSSS!!!!! Counting Crows will be playing at Hyde Park this summer! YIIPPPPEEEE!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Xander, the bully

smack!, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

Taylor is 2 mths younger than Xander, but very recently, she has got bigger and taller than him.

Still, he does not get intimidated, but smacks her one in the face when she does not give him any attention!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


xander being ill, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

We had plans for this year's Chinese New Year. We'd got the car from mum, and i'd recently bumped into a chinese lady whose kid is a month older than xander, who told me where i can drive to (somewhere really near, not chinatown!) to get some stuff for the new year.

We wanted to do something. Have a party, invite the neighbours, get some friends around, and have a proper reunion dinner. Unfortunately, i fell sick over the weekend and then the boy got quite ill last night. I ended up having to hold him in my arms all night so that he would get some sleep. (and me, very little.)

So this is how he looked today... he felt so hot this morning, it worried me. And i feel bad because if i hadn't fallen ill, he probably wouldn't have either. :-(

Luckily, our dinner was salvaged by NAB going to chinatown and bringing home some yummy "sioh bak" and beef noodles. So we all had a relatively good time, with Xander grooving to NAB's freshly-downloaded-from-itunes chinese new year songs and us being quite amused by that. Oh, and the dogs were not left out either. Finn was kind of entertaining X by letting him wave his hand at him, and Belle jumped up into my lap to be spoilt.

Anyway, i've had a good Pig year, except for the bloody chicken pox. And i hope you all have a great Rat year ahead.