Saturday, September 08, 2007

a jedi kiss

a jedi kiss, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

acid clouds

acid clouds, originally uploaded by bentann.

i wish i had been in singapore to see this...

flip-top books

i saw these in Borders the other day and immediately thought of "Lucky Strikes". I couldn't stop myself and i had to pick up one of them to play around with for a while. Memories came rushing back and i almost felt like a smoker again... 'twas quite nostalgic and i nearly bought a pack!

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

i recently read Michel Houellebecq's Platform, which i quite enjoyed. However, the quality of editing/proof-reading is not so great. It irked me greatly (and even to the point of thinking about getting my pen and correcting the errors in the book), but for the sake of getting to the end of the book, i kept reading. When i got to page 313, this nearly made me throw the book out of the window:

"One of them had shaved her public hair, you could easily make out her slender, ..."

Public hair? WTF!