Tuesday, September 28, 2004

test results

i was too lazy to go through the whole process of posting a photo with flick'r or whatever they are called. (plus, i am in the midst of setting an exam paper) But i took the latest test on terse's blog, and here are the results.

"Eights are natural leaders. Frank and direct with large personalities, they are unlikely to back down to adversity. They motivate others. The have a strong sense of justice and are often the protectors of the weak. 8’s can be domineering tyrants."/SPSXSO

As if the irony wasn't glaring enough... ;-)

word of the day

\ree-AL-ee-uh\ noun
: objects or activities used to relate classroom teaching to the real life especially of peoples studied
Example sentence:
The teacher asked the exchange student from Brazil to bring in photos, food items, and other realia to share with the class.

hmm, the ignorant me didn't know that was what it was called.


Monday, September 27, 2004

ru minus photography

reading my friends' blogs, and realised that many of them have their photos on their blogs. peer pressure is a terrible thing. i wonder when i will sucumb to this. the good thing is, i am inspired to go out and take more photos. hell, i haven't taken any photographs for nearly 2 years now. and you know what? the UK photos are still in my room, sitting there screaming to be developed. i believe there is also still film left over from the trip in one of the cameras. what happened to the ru who used to shoot like 6 rolls a day?

i guess all i need now is a good scanner. ;-)

and pay for it i did

so i didn't actually pay for it during the course of the day because, what did i go and do? went and drank even more vodka. well, that's a sure way of delaying the pain. was feeling cooped up at home and decided to go for a walk. walked from Pacific Plaza, then Borders, and then walked to Tanglin Mall. The sun came out and i thought it would be a really good idea to take a walk through the Botanic Gardens, seeing that i have been spending too much time indoors, breathing the circulated germs in the room.

Bad BAD mistake, seeing that the other end of BG is actually at Bukit Timah. So my thirst (and feet) naturally took me to bo's, where i proceeded to drinking huge amounts of vodka. I swear that each time the barman poured me a drink, there were at least 3 shots of vodka in there. and i must have been drinking at the speed of 1 drink per 10 mins. (and yes, they were in tall glasses.) i really only intended to have a couple of drinks. and i even told the bar staff to make sure i left by 7pm. but no, none of them took me seriously. (they are such fucking loyal staff!)

the mixture of vodka, antibiotics and painkillers is not good. the effect? sleepless night. seriously. and i had to pay for it today. of all days a monday. let's hope that i don't go and repeat this today...

fingers crossed.

"the road to hell is paved with stuffed dogs."
- Jack Kerouac

Sunday, September 26, 2004

vodka anaesthesia

well, the result of staying in bed all day and then drinking tons of vodka till 5 am is not all bad. what am i talking about? its the sleeping for an hour, and then waking up to take tons more medication, and being numb to the world. even the usual nasty taste of vodka after a night of drinking is absent. just what else could you wish for?

don't get me wrong. i know i will pay for this later today. when the vodka wears off, i will soon feel the thousand ants in my throat again. but i must be determined and go through with the pain. there are things to be done, and places to go. i can't be stuck in a cycle.

wish me luck for next tuesday for i will be at the much dreaded pool competition again. i know i didn't post the results. i meant to, but it was too unimportant compared to these other things.

different note - i think i will save up for a full size taylor. they are just too nice to give up for a leica. ;-P

Saturday, September 25, 2004

last (repeated) note

thank god for ipods!

the difference between a tape and a cdr

so what is the difference between getting a tape of music made up for you and a cd-rom made of mp3's? (it was dear neilli-o who actually put this question in my head the other night as i was making a cd for a friend.)

the difference is then, in this day and age, everyone burns cds, whether you like it or not. (sorry record companies - just FYI, i ALWAYS buy the CD's. you can bet on that, and that is *a lot*. i love the sleeves, etc. hell, i've even got multiple copies of the same album, singles!!! just ask N!) sure, i've received tapes from people in my juvenile years, (classical music that is, seeing that i was playing in a symphonic band/orchestra at that time), and it felt special. but today, with the convenience of technology, one would hardly think of it as something special. But music is special. At least it is to me, and the millions of musicians out there, and zillions of you and i out there. (and especially Rose ;-) ) so let us not take music lightly...

on a different note, the flowers are still alive, and you two who know what the flowers are about out there, it was a GREAT dinner and i had fun. ;-)

Friday, September 24, 2004

sick sick and more sick

i've had this really bad throat for a few weeks now, and i've had to sucumb to taking antibiotics. these things are huge monsters. i mean, taking any type of pill that's bigger than the size of your thumb nail is wrong. and today i seem to be feeling the worst of it. you would think that lying down all day doing nothing would do something to help, but maybe its the fact that i have not done any exercise for a week that is making me ill.

well, what can you do?

going to bed now sounds like a very good idea.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

untitled #3

have i ever mentioned that i love tuesdays at work? (lessons 12-2.15pm, and then if there are no bloody meetings that start at 4pm, i am done.) hence, i have never missed a day on tuesdays. Life is relatively easy compared to the monstrosity of mondays. there is time to put your ham and cheese sandwich into the oven, there is time to eat it leisurely, and there is even time to update your blog.

of course all this is just an illusion. i have yet to finish setting the promotional comprehension paper, not to mention my literature paper. (they are all begging for an easy paper, and seeing that it might possibly be the last time i will ever have to set an exam paper, i might even be uncharacteristic and grant them their wish. on the other hand, if its the last one, why give up the chance to be super nasty? ;-) ) anyway, it will be hell. which is actually not so bad seeing that neilli-boy is going to be away in Europe next week, and work will help keep me occupied so i don't get bored out of my skull. but hang on a minute - who ever said that work is not boring. so, friends reading this : i will be available to be asked out to dinner or drinks. Humour me. PLEASE.

jazz bar at boat quay?
Terz, how about we start our jazz photo project next week. wait - i think its just me who wants to do that. i'm sure Terz has got enough ideas already...

Saturday, September 18, 2004

untitled #2

i am starting to doubt my ability not to say stupid things. sometimes i get tired of thinking too much before saying something. (i give up and this of course results in me saying stupid things.) sometimes i think a lot before saying something and i end up not saying it. and sometimes its the important things that you end up not saying. but so what then even if after deliberating, you do end up saying something? there is no knowing the consequences.

(forgive the weird post - i was locked up in an LT for several painful hours and is still sbbs at having wasted the lovely saturday morning whilst my husband was sitting at home, having an enjoyable time watching tv and drinking vodka)

There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and days of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate;
Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea.

T.S. Eliot

Friday, September 17, 2004

little girls and guilt

oh - one more thing. i think i have no maternal instincts. there was this girl last night who kept sulking because i told her that she has to wait till she's taller before she can play pool. she kept coming to hit me and i kept telling her not to touch me. she ended up crying and her mother had to move her somewhere else.

the thing that gives us a bit of hope is my ability to feel guilt. so what did i do? i went and made friends with her again. had to give her the longest hug and also foolishly promised to take her swimming next wednesday night. maybe i can extend my bad throat till next week and tell her i'm too ill. but hey, let us not be nasty, especially to little children.

my husband says i should *really* update my blog

all day today, 8 - 5, i was in meetings. meetings, fucking meetings. thank god there is a possibility that i won't be doing this next year. don't get me wrong - there are parts of my job that i like. but they try to stick too many rules on me and boy i hate that. everyone knows i'm no good in such a rigidly structured environment.

i'm happy that we might be moving away, but not looking forward to spending too much time being away from N. i must come up with some kind of plan as to how i shall spend my days. kind of ironic since i have been wanting to give up work! ;-) guess as long as i am in the city, there will always be things to do. as much as it is nice to live in the country and take long walks, my shoes will outlive me for sure.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

(untitled #1)

thank god for ipods! (especially on sleepless nights)

and have i mentioned this yet? i miss jamming.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Competiting in competitions competitively

so i've been coerced into joining a pub-organised pool competition. just GREAT. i am playing the worse pool of my life and i have to play in this freaking competition. and guess what? this guy the other night (whom i've played before and won) said to me - "what happened to you? you used to play really well!" so much for SNAGS - they don't really exist. (not especially when he's standing next to his girlfriend the whole time she's playing and telling her what to do!) fortunately, there exists some really helpful friendly bar staff who'd gladly give you practice games and tips.

and this TKD competition on saturday... i don't know if i can be bothered to travel *all the way* to JB to take part in a competition i know i am not going to win. Coming in fourth last year in patterns (and it was only Dan Gun) is not giving me a whole lot of confidence. plus i haven't been training as hard as i used to. and that is no one's fault but my own.

on a happier note, i have started swimming again, and finding joy in that. no matter that i was worried about not being able to fit into my old swimming costume. =P