Tuesday, December 20, 2005

heard on television (Mosconi Cup 2005, Las Vegas):

"contacting" pronounced as "contacking".

i thought this only happens in sunny Singapore.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


i have just been reminded that temperatures in the UK will be dropping, and that i should try to borrow whatever winter typish clothes i can... so i will most probably be calling on YM tomorrow, who so kindly reminded me yesterday about the winter clothes i asked her about.

fuck - i feel cold enough in the fucking Lido theatre where i watched A History of Violence last night!

was joking about the South Park type clothes i have to get myself in order to brave the winter. and yes, looking like stupid kenny is better than freezing to death. except i don't really want to be killed. every. single. episode. like. kenny. (of course, its technically and practically not possible.)

so, off to get meself some eskimo clothing tomorrow!

Monday, December 12, 2005

the greatest thing about living with 2 dogs is that they sometimes actually look after you more so than you them.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

radio woes

the radio at home is always on for the dogs when i'm out. these days, i leave it on even after i get home. but i have decided to stop doing it - can't bear the fucking stupid cheesey christmas music they keep playing!!!

(this afternoon though, it was nice to hear Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall on the radio. quite surprised that they played it 'cos its quite long...)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The "Ten-Sided Ambush"

today i was very very very luk sek. (literally, fade colour. meaning - not up to standard, lousy, made a fool of myself, etc. etc.) and this had to be in front of my father, my mother, my sister and her soon-to-be-husband.

anyway, i've been wanting to find out the meaning of the Chinese title of the film House of Flying Daggers. so when i was over at my dad's house today, i tried to ask him, trying not to reveal too much of my ignorance. but instead of 十 shi(2) - ten, i said 四 si(4) - four. and then i said "埋 means to bury right?", and was wondering what the fuck 伏 (which i pronounced as something between fou and fo(2) - the closest sounding word being Buddha!!!, instead of fu(2).) could be.

for those of you well-versed in the Chinese language, you can just see why my dad was laughing so hard AT me. Oh! The Shame! THE SHAME!

(for those who are not literate in Chinese, 埋伏 means ambush. and yah - you should have worked that out by now.)

so all that just to get to a "ten-sided ambush". excuse me now whilst i go hang my head in shame.

(oh, and i was also told by someone who speaks Hokkien that luk seH would be more accurate for describing what i was tonight. maybe luk sek is not good enough a metaphor for some.)


(added 15:18)

went to see Rattle and Hum on Saturday night. U2 tribute band. someone in the audience shouted "Even better than the real thing!" quite early on during the concert. didn't think they would play that song 'cos it might maybe be a bit too corny, but they did, in the second set!

anyway, 'twas good fun. if you drink enough guinness, you might even start to forget that they called themselves "Hollywood Bono, Hollywood Edge", etc. you get the idea. rather cringe-worthy.

Friday, December 02, 2005

wrath of a choir teacher

my friend R was scolding her choir kids the other day. they were going to have a concert and according to her, they were still not up to standard. so she scolded and scolded, the whole time hitting the tuning fork (A, 440 Hz) on the table to reinforce her anger. and it broke into 2 pieces in the process.

if i were one of those kids, i might have laughed out loud. but they, they were terrified.