Tuesday, April 24, 2007

'Bridge of Inspiration'

'Bridge of Inspiration', originally uploaded by monster-ru.

NAB spotted this in Covent Garden when we were walking about. It links the Royal Ballet School to the Royal Opera House. If you don't look up, it can be easily missed. I stopped in the pub that is on the corner of the left side of the photo for a drink (no, not alcoholic), and didn't even notice it. Well, i guess most of us don't walk with our noses up in the air...

Anyway, google tells me that the guy who designed it is Wilkinson Eyre, who is also designing the 'Gardens by the Bay' in Singapore. Any of you had a look yet?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

London Marathon

Best of luck to NAB!

Friday, April 20, 2007

chewed bath toy

chewed bath toy, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

i've been "waiting" for this to happen. i just didn't think that it will happen so soon, before the baby is even here. Dogs thinking that baby toys are theirs as well and later, quite probably, vice versa? (Actually, to be fair, this was probably Finn's doing...)

Well, its not really a problem if dogs chew baby's toys but it wouldn't be so cool for baby to do the same to theirs...


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Thursday, April 19, 2007

parkour jumping at Southbank

parkour jumping at Southbank, originally uploaded by monster-ru.

Took a bit of a walk at Southbank last friday. It's supposed to be spring, but it was a rather warm day, and everyone thinks its summer already! People are out in full force!

Spotted some guys doing some parkour jumping, and was regretting not having my camera with me. Luckily, i always have my phone camera, and i used the BestPic feature for the first time... with great satisfaction. :-D

Maybe i'll go back there with my camera tomorrow...

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

singapore laksa in london

singapore laksa in london
Originally uploaded by monster-ru.

spotted a Malaysian restaurant, Melati, earlier in Soho. Was looking at the menu and trying to decide whether to give the food a try when this drunk guy stopped next to me and started "talking cock". In order to avoid his very yucky alcoholic breath, (and also because the shop owner, i guess, came to the door,) we decided to go into the restaurant.

We were kind of lucky because the food turned out to be pretty authentic after all. I had the "Singapore laksa". They didnt have laksa noodles, but beehoon, with prawns, chicken bits, fish cake and tau pok. And the soup was really quite alright. NAB had some rice with curry and chilli chicken which was also quite yummy. Definitely a place we will be going back to.

Think next time i will try the Hainanese Chicken Rice, or the Nasi Ayam...

Glad to have spotted the place.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

small bump, big baby?

In the last 2 days, i've been told by different people that my bump looks a bit...small. One of them was the midwife, who took a measurement, and then sent us straight off to the hospital for an ultrasound scan to check that everything is OK. I was naturally a bit worried.

At one point during the scan, the sonographer went, " Wah... Look..." In that split second before he finished his sentence, I was thinking to myself and hoping that it wasn't something bad that they had not picked up before... "Big penis!" ... HUH?! What?! He even took a photo of this (it would be too cruel to flick'r it) and gave it to us. And he kept saying, "Look, daddy..." I was of course glad it wasn't anything bad, but i didn't know whether to be more amused or disturbed. Anyway, the kiddo is a bit on the small side (but everything is still within the normal range), but i guess that is just because they are using Western standards to measure him?

The other person who said that the bump looked a bit small made me a bit more worried. She works at this restaurant in Chinatown (excellent beef brisket kway tiao for only £4.80!) and she commented that the bump is very "si(1) wen(2)". I can't really think of an appropriate translation for this, but i guess its a nice way of saying small or "modest"? Anyway, she said that when she had her baby, her bump too was very small. But when her baby was born, s/he was over 8lbs! Pain pain pain!!!

I don't really feel prepared for it, but as she reminded me - well, it can happen anytime now. (My cousin's baby was about a month premature, and my sister's was 16 days early!) I guess i'd better go and pack my hospital bag!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

reminder to self - only about a month to go!

All of last week (ok - not all. Maybe the 2nd half) i was telling myself to book the 34th week GP antenatal appointment, and i was going to do it this morning. As it turns out, I've just missed a midwife's appointment. It's funny because sometime before falling asleep last night and when i got a phone call from them earlier, a message was flashing in my head - "Mon, 10am". It did occur to me that maybe, it could actually be my 36th week midwife appointment, and I was going to ask NAB to check my notes, but i was in between being lazy and being convinced that it can't be week 36 yet...

NAB pointed out to me that i've been saying that i'm 32 weeks for the last few weeks, but somehow, i remained oblivious to the fact... I think having chicken pox threw me off the timeline, and now, i feel kind of out of it... It's weird because i don't feel prepared (haven't packed hospital bag, haven't rented TENS machine, haven't bought new disposable lenses or made new glasses - the pair that i have is more than 10 years old - No shit. No sterilising equipment or feeding bottles in case breast-feeding doesn't work out, no breast pump...) and yet at the same time, i kind of can't wait for him to get out. It's so damn uncomfortable... you can't sleep properly. Hell, you can't sit properly. And just when you think walking might be the solution, you start getting Braxton Hicks, or some other kind of cramps or discomfort that makes you walk all funny. You know, the way that pregnant women walk. Nevermind that you feel that you have to pee all the time, and actually do go to the toilet like every half an hour.

But the nice thing is also how you become more conscious of the baby, of how he might be lying and pushing against you, of where his head, back, arms, legs, etc are. The "funniest" one is when he is pushing in 2 opposite directions at the same time. Yah... Stretching. I guess being in the foetal position for a few months can get boring too.

The other day i (foolishly) told NAB that i was "worried" if i turned over too quickly from lying on my left to the right, it feels like the boy might get a nasty flip-over in my tummy. Of course, he laughed his head off at me.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Platform 5 at Clapham Junction
Originally uploaded by monster-ru.

took this a while ago. I remember the sun coming through onto the platform, and it's that amazing feeling you get, the warmth that reminds you to be grateful for all the things you have, for the fact that you are alive.

boy, am i glad that sunny days are here again.