Monday, September 28, 2009

the M9

I can hardly believe it. Leica has made a full-frame digital M camera, just 3 years after releasing the M8. (I say "just" but OK - full frame digital cameras are quite common now.)

Camera lust is a terrible thing. And sadly, I do not have the kind of moolah to splash out on one of these sexy things. The only thing I can hope for is that in a few years' time (or more probably, a lot more than a few years), my lenses will find themselves happily attached to one of these bodies...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

X has been chattering away a lot now for the last few weeks. Most of the time, i just let him get on with it, but sometimes, when i think i can make out sentences, i stop and try to listen to what he's saying. The other day, he was playing and blabbering to himself, and i thought i could hear him saying "tissue! tissue!" So i stopped what i was doing to listen, wondering if he'd actually wanted a tissue. But then i realised that he was singing "Ring-a-ring-a-roses" after he went "...all fall down!" and then dropped his bum onto the floor. that was super cute.

and the other night, i was quite tickled by this:

X: more yoghurt!
me: there is no more in the fridge.
X: go shopping!
buy yoghurt!

i tried to recall the times i've told him that we have to go shopping in order to get things that we had run out of, but i can't think of more than a couple of times. so i was pretty chuffed to hear him say that.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the funniest thing that X said today

when we were walking back from tumble tots, i alerted X to this bit of dog mess on the road and then he started going, "Dog pooooo... Dog poooooo... Gross!" i couldn't stop laughing because i don't know when he picked up the word "gross", but i'm guessing it must have been when i was out into the garden, picking up after the dogs...

'twas also quite amusing when he tugged on my arm this morning when i was nearly falling asleep on the couch and went "mummy, UP! mummy UP!"

and then again, when he was nearly at the point of meltdown at dinner because he didn't have an afternoon nap today - "more soup! i want more soup! MORE SOUP! MORE SOUPEE!!!!!" he's been adding "ie" to his nouns lately (sockies, shoesies, etc) but i thought "soupy" was just too funny, so i had a good laugh and that made him laugh too, which prevented the meltdown.

Friday, May 15, 2009

my own little helper was well impressive today.

as he took out each item from the laundry basket and handed them to me, he was able to name most of the items. "Xander's trousers, xander's sock, mama's sock, dada's trousers, dada's sock, xander's sleepsuit, towel..." i've never heard him say "sleepsuit" before, so i was quite impressed. it is amazing that in the last 2 weeks, his vocab has increased by soooo much. and he seems very keen to learn more words at the moment because he keeps wanting us to read to him all the time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more developments

in the last couple of weeks since his cousin left to go back home to Singapore, X's speech has suddenly developed in leaps and bounds.

Earlier this evening, he said 'i want to poo' and it was the 1st time ever that he expressed this need in a full sentence. Mummy was proud, and daddy ran upstairs to get the potty. Unfortunately, the poo was done almost immediately after he said this. Still, hopefully, this means that potty training won't be too hard...

Monday, March 30, 2009

'dog Poooo...'

there's something funny about the fact that the 1st two words that the boy has managed to string together himself are 'dog' and 'poo'.

And the way he says it - slowly and deliberately - makes it quite a lot more funny.

Friday, February 27, 2009

potty training?

I've been asked by several people when i'm going to start X on potty training. The first one was my mum, who made me lol because she said that my sister's nanny told her that if boys wear nappies for too long, their pee-pee will be - er, crooked. (ahem!) i wanted to ask her how many penises she has seen both at the baby, as well as the grown-up stage, but i thought that might be a bit of a weird/rude question to ask.

Anyway, I haven't actually given potty training much thought, but just said that i would start once X can communicate better.

And in the last week, the boy has just started doing this - he runs to me and says to me, very definitely, 'Poo. Poo.' and sure enough, he had done one. i'm actually quite proud of him for making such a progress.

Now i just have to get him to tell me before he needs to go. :)